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We at ATKNSN believe that the future standard of living will be defined by greater levels of automation. We believe in delivering this future by curating a collection of products and solutions that will help our customers achieve this higher standard of living. ATKNSN guides you in your quest for removing the mundane tasks from the rigours of your daily routine.

We do this by understanding the demands of life in the 21st Century and applying the correct composition of electronic components, software and communication to arrive at solutions that alleviate them. Our expertise is in analysing the myriad of products available and delivering them to our customers in an effective manner.

ATKNSN is not just a place to buy smart home products we strive in finding ways to get the most out of the solutions that we offer. We are always looking for different and unique applications of the products available. Giving our customers a service that fundamentally changes the way they assess and acquire a smart home solution.

We believe that smart home solutions are for everyone whether they are looking at enhancing their cubicle, their room, their studio, their apartment or their villa. ATKNSN has a solution for them all irrespective of its type; a temporary rental or permanent installation for home owners. Our advantage stems from our capability to understand the technology, the effective deployment of the technology to meet the needs of our customers and our method of delivering the solution in an unobtrusive and efficient manner.