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The Internet of Things – IoT, for short – is all about using smart sensors and devices  that aid linking up everything that we use in our daily lives to the internet. Once connected to the internet they form a network and share data with each other. This enables monitoring their location, operational status and control them remotely if required. According to IOT Analytics estimates more than 21 billion devices will be connected to each other by 2025. Read posts under this category and learn more about IoT use cases in process industry, supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, health & safety.

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A smart home is one in which control of lights, AC, appliances could be automated, controlled from any smartphone or by voice assistants. Automation could be based on the time of the day, events such as sunrise, sunset or based on the presence / absence of the occupants. Appropriately configured, smart home solutions could improve ambiance and comfort, enhance safety and security besides energy efficiency. When coupled with voice assistance technology home automation can be designed for the care of the elderly and differently abled. Find out more on how one can be benefited by applying it to your home or office.

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Wireless communication technology, the internet and IoT has made it feasible to track and monitor assets at remote locations. Manufacturing operations irrespective of size as a result of these capabilities. On top of these the AI, Digital Twin technologies have changed unrecognizably the way operations, maintenance and other activities are managed in the manufacturing industry. The application of solutions built on these technology platforms lead to improvement in efficiency, personnel health and safety, environment protection, reduction of theft, pilferage and waste. Check out the variety of solutions that could be adopted in your industry.

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