Use Laser Belt Alignment Tool For Best Results

V-Belt drives have been in use in industry for many years now. Though low on energy transmission efficiency, they have certain advantages over other alternates. Two of them being simplicity, and ease of application. Therefore, they are still being used extensively in industry.

The Challenge: One of the challenges maintenance and reliability engineers face is attaining a good alignment of the drive and driven pulleys. Especially when aligning pulleys of heavy-duty drives such as crushers and mills that generally are large in diameter. At times, one may find the pulleys are with dis-similar configurations on the drive and driven ends of the machines. The traditional methods such as the straight edge, the blue-chalk-line or the steel wire can bring out only a certain level of accuracy. The results vary between individuals carrying out the alignment job based on their hands-on experience.

Why is a perfect alignment so essential to ensure a trouble-free operation? Improperly aligned pulleys cause increased vibrations, noise, overheating. They could lead to several reliability issues such as premature damage of the belts, reduced bearing life in the drive and driven machines and potentially increase in downtime. Particularly in the case of high-speed drives such as centrifugal fans, pumps, and positive displacement lobe blowers (PD Blowers).

Improperly aligned pulleys lead to premature damage of the belts and reduces bearing life

The Belt Alignment Tool (BAT) uses the Laser light for attaining perfect alignment and overcomes all the pitfalls of the traditional methods. BAT consists of two attachments that mount on the pulleys under the process of being aligned. Both the attachments are identical and have their independent Laser source. BAT design provides for different mounting arrangements to suit smaller and bigger pulleys. Watch Mike Olszewski, inventor of the BAT explain the features and demo of the tool in the following video to get a better understanding of the BAT. You may download the product brochure from this link . We would like to have your feedback on usage of the BAT or any similar device for the benefit of our readers. If you are a manufacturer please share details of your products for us to review. Please leave your comments below.

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