Turn Your Smart Phone into A Vibration Meter

Monitoring the machine vibration plays a vital role in assessing the condition of any rotary machine such as motors, pumps, compressors and fans. Every machine has its unique vibration signature; comparing the initial signature during commissioning with the variations in the vibration patterns as the machine ages in service can be used to predict failures to a fair degree of accuracy. Machine vibration signature analytics can help predict the time before failure occurs in a rotary machine to avoid a catastrophic failure. This also aids in designing a robust predictive maintenance strategy for critical machinery to improve reliability and overall equipment efficiency.

Keeping track of machine vibrations at regular intervals is key to generate trends that can help predict potential failures before they occur.

IMI Sensors, a division of the PCB Pietzotronics, has now come out with the Model: 633A01 USB Digital Accelerometer (Vibration Sensor) that can be plugged into any iOS or Android mobile device converting it to a Vibration Meter. This handy device can be used in the field to take vibration measurements from the plant machinery. Data thus collected can be transferred to the cloud for storage, access from a PC for technical analysis, make predictions based on the historical data.

All you need with the accelerometer is the App and necessary software for analysis. Further details on the hardware, software and pricing can be obtained from the Company by following this link Company website.

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