Fiix – Computerized Maintenance Management System

Plant and Equipment maintenance is a key function in ensuring reliability and overall equipment efficiency. Good maintenance practices have a bearing on the health and safety of the employees as well as the general population in the case of hazardous industries. There is a very wide choice of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for maintenance and reliability professionals to choose from. Some of them could be way too complex, take weeks or months to set up and require specialized external help with knowledge of coding. These are generally systems designed for very large enterprises and possibly expensive.

The Fiix CMMS  is a cloud-based system that is fairly simplistic and meets the requirements of organizations of all sizes. The application is device agnostic; can be accessed from the desktop as well as mobile devices. It generally meets the criteria for a good CMMS viz., ease of customization, scalability, integration with ERP systems, and future proof. Here is a review of the features worth mentioning.

Generating Work Orders (WO) – Fiix CMMS allows users the flexibility to create customized WO forms. Those transitioning from a paper-based system could digitize their existing forms avoiding confusion among the users. Maintenance work can be scheduled per date, meter readings, event-based triggers. Audits inspections and follow-ups can also be created as WO to make sure they get done. Work procedures, checklists, drawings and instruction manuals of the assets could be attached. Also, WOs could be triggered based on the real-time condition of equipment based on parameters viz., vibration, the temperature of bearings. Another useful feature, the Field Service staff can access the WO and update work completed on the mobile devices even when there is no Net connection.

Asset Management – An asset database is built hierarchically location wise with relevant details of the asset. Asset instruction manuals, parts details, drawings, usage data, and maintenance history can all be accessed from the Asset View dashboard. Assets may be assigned to specific persons who get notified when WO for that equipment is generated. Actual repair dates, maintenance costs, and all relevant historical details of the asset can be accessed in the log.

Inventory Management – Parts Inventory Management feature is Included and parts can be assigned to specific assets. Fiix Foresight’s parts optimizer tool forecasts parts requirements based on historical data. Asset QR code scans with mobile device produces a list of parts needed for work orders, parts availability, and location. Upon completion of a WO, the repair cost is calculated by the system based on actual parts usage.

fiix dashboard parameters MMTR MTBF Usage Hours
Fiix Dashboard

Generate Reports – The Maintenance Dashboard presents the status of all the WOs and can be filtered location-wise, type of asset, and user-selectable term. The CMMS is also calculating reliability KPIs such as MTBF, MTTR, and MTTF based on the system generated data internally. The reports are highly customizable to customer needs and make planning on a longterm, short term and daily basis easier. 

Integration with most ERP systems is said to be seamless. This enables the generation of parts Purchase Requests from the Fiix system which leads to the release of Purchase Orders (PO). Parts PO information is accessible from the CMMS, and Parts Inventory in the ERP system gets updated automatically in sync with actual parts usage. Click on this link to watch this 5 minute video that walks you through the utilities

The Fiix CMMS software is offered in several different packages . There is a free version for trial usage up to three users. Then a basic package for $40 per month is on offer; this is most ideal for small organizations. There is also the Professional and the Enterprise versions meant for large, multi-location organizations with many user accounts. Expectedly, they are priced higher than other packages. If you have been a user of CMMS we would like to hear your user experience with the Fiix or any other CMMS you may be familiar with. If you are a developer of a CMMS please share information and we would like to review your product as well. Please leave any comments you may like to share below

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