3 Ways To Improve Reliability With Ultra-Sonics Technology

Maintenance and reliability teams these days are faced with the stresses and challenges of delivering higher reliability and lower downtime amid an increasing shortage of skilled field workers and aging infrastructure equipment.

UltraSonics Technology in conjunction with emerging sensor technology plays a key role in enhancing plant and equipment reliability. Ultra-High-Frequency sound that is beyond the human audible range is called ultrasonic. Air-borne and Structure-borne ultrasonic (US) sound emitted by rotating machines, vibrating bodies, air, and gas particles can be used to predict machinery condition. pipeline leaks and faults in electrical power systems. Airborne ultrasound is also a perfect complementary technology to traditional infrared thermography scans of electrical assets. Tracing is done by converting the US to audible sound and from their Decibel (dB) level accurate predictions are made.

Electrical Power System equipment such as switchgear, isolating switches, busbars, and transmission lines, tracking or arcing occurs due to loose electrical connections, dirt on the surface of insulators, and other reasons. Corona discharge also occurs under certain conditions at voltages above 1000V in electrical equipment. If these anomalies are not corrected in time they can cause serious flashovers damaging equipment causing lengthy outages. These discharges ionize surrounding air; this phenomenon generates US sound. Tracing the US sounds helps locate the faults and eliminate them thus saving energy and reduce downtime.


Bearings generate US sound during operation and their condition can be predicted based on the baseline US sound readings for the specific bearing at the time of commissioning. Over lubricating can cause a bearing to overheat leading to premature failure; so can under-lubricating a bearing. The US sound generated by a bearing helps sense its lubrication status. LUBExpert by LUDECA is a smart bearing lubrication solution that carries out US sound measurements and assists in accurate greasing levels for bearings. UE Systems probes are available for the inspection of bearings, detection of leaks, and inspection of energized electrical equipment.

Detection of leaks in compressed air, gas lines is another useful application of US technology. Leaks lead to increased energy consumption and therefore cost money. They can also become safety issues if the substance involved is hazardous. Any gaseous substance when it leaks through an orifice creates turbulent flow and generates ultra-high-frequency noise. Using a US probe the leakage points can be spotted even in noisy factory floor environments. Fluke industrial imaging devices enable the observer to visually see the source of the US sound by scanning an area visually and mark the leakage spot. They are used in the detection of malfunctioning steam traps and leaking valves as well..

We would like to learn about your experiences with US technology and its applications in your industry. If you are a manufacturer of US devices, probes, or providers of services using US technology we would like to have details of your products and services. Please contact us with your specific queries and we would strive to assist as best as we can.

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