Limble – Computerized Maintenance Management System

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) accessible through desktop or PC have been around for past few decades. With cell phone technology and the smart phones CMMS have undergone a sea change and IoT has truly brought about a major transformation.  Limble CMMS is one such application that is affordable and user friendly. 

Limble CMMS is platform agnostic and can be used on iOS and Android devices, menu driven, and easily adaptable for engineers and technicians alike. Field Service personnel can to access detailed information on the Work Orders, Repair Requests and Preventive Maintenance (PM) work assigned to them on their mobile devices.

Though it is categorized as a CMMS it has many more features that go beyond maintenance. Under Asset Management the App facilitates organizing of all data and records pertaining to the assets of the organization. For multi-location organizations can organize asset information location wise hierarchically. Parts Inventory is one of the features using which Services Personnel are able to confirm availability of parts required to carry out service or repairs against work orders assigned to them. The repair instructions or the service manual of the asset being serviced can also be accessed from the library right from their mobile devices even while at remote site.

With Limble CMMS paper records are a thing of the past; work completion reports can be done on the mobile device and client approval can be obtained digitally thereby drastically cutting down time between completion and invoicing. The CMMS generates Work Orders automatically for PM jobs based on time interval or usage data as per schedules. Data is updated on the Equipment Master automatically based on completed work with details of parts used, man-hours etc., for working out the maintenance cost, labour efficiency, downtime, overall equipment efficiency. 

Complete details on the features and details of pricing can be obtained by following this link to the company website. If you have specific queries or require our guidance in making the right choices we will be ready to assist. We encourage you to share your feedback and experiences with this product or other similar products with us.

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