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When it comes to measurement of level, be it bins storing dry bulk materials or tanks storing liquids BinMaster has a wide range of sensors and a range of devices for a host of other applications in the industry. Whether it is for High point / Low point level switch or continuous measurement type applications for managing inventory; contact type, non-contact type, high temperature, corrosive liquid type applications – Bin Master has one that will meet the need.

Starting with the simplistic Tilt Switch, Vibrating Rod and Diaphragm type static point level switches with very limited or no moving parts that are used in aggregates and powders the range extends to the Smart Bob model which is a cable-based level device that can carry out bin level measurements unto a height of 150 feet ( roughly 50m). The SmartBobs working in conjunction with the Binventory software can take automatic measurements periodically at preset intervals and update inventory from up to 255 bins. 

BinMaster also has in its product range Dust Detectors and Flow Detectors that are non-contact type. Dust Detectors are used in dust filter Bag Houses to detect damaged filter bags, cartridges resulting in excessive dust emission endangering health and safety that could also lead to penalties from regulatory bodies. Flow Detectors that sense the presence or absence of flow in a line, could be used for applications to prevent cross contamination of materials and avoid idle running.

Please follow the links to learn more about their interesting products that suit your requirements and applications. You may also reach out to us if you need our guidance in making the right choice to match your application. We encourage to share your feedback on BinMaster products and similar products of other manufacturers and your experiences with them.

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