Remote Tank Monitoring

Remote Tank Monitoring pertains to the ability to measure and remotely monitor the quantity, temperature and other parameters of the contents stored in any storage vessel at a remote location. Tanks of varying capacities between a few hundred liters to several thousand liters are used for a variety of storage applications across industries for solids, liquids, and gaseous substances. At any given location there could be a small number of them to dozens of them put together as in the case of bulk storage tank farms. Regardless of the contents, size, and location, the contents of the tanks need to be measured for inventory purposes. In some cases, the temperature of the contents needs to be monitored for safety. The purpose and the frequency of measurement may vary for industry and type of substance being stored. 

Measurement methods have followed the evolution of sensing technologies. Beginning with the manual techniques followed by the mechanical types, then the automated electro-mechanical and currently the non-contact types are in vogue. Since the advent of wireless communication and iOT technologies it has now become possible to monitor the tank levels and other critical parameters like tank pressure and temperature of the contents from anywhere using desktop PC or mobile devices. The measurement data is aggregated in a local iOT gateway which relays it to the cloud server via LAN or cellular networks. Data on the cloud can be viewed through customized mobile Apps. Data can also be processed further to generate alarm notifications when a measurement exceeds the customer-defined value. Alarm notifications can be directed to the mobile devices of the concerned supervisors or sent via email.

The Tank Monitoring solution applies to all industries and commercial buildings and the benefits are varied depending on the type of the business organization and substances involved. It facilitates closer control over inventory management. Particularly the ability to manage the inventory at supplier end will greatly enhance the operational efficiency in the case of supply chain logistics companies and for organizations that supply fuel and such other bulk materials to multiple locations. Trips just for the sake of taking measurements or check if a refill is required can be eliminated because the information is remotely available. Trips could be prioritized based on real-time information and need. In the case of locations storing hazardous substances, difficult access due to security or that are in difficult terrain trips can be minimized to the bare necessity. Another big advantage of deploying this solution is its ability to generate early warnings to prevent loss due to theft, pilferage, heavy leakage or a catastrophic tank rupture by monitoring the presence/motion or flow rate (in the case of liquids) or weight loss (in the case of solids).

TankScan is one such remote tank level monitoring service provider. Their TSU (with ultra-sonic sensor) & TSM (with radar type sensor) series devices have a built-in battery and 4G radio enabling their use in up to 40 feet tall liquid storage tanks at remote locations where robust power and IT infrastructure may not be available. BinMaster and Endress+Hauser are two companies that specialize in measurement and monitoring applications involving liquids and bulk solids such as cement, minerals, etc., BinMaster has a range of Acoustic, Guided Wire Radar and traveling, Bob type continuous level sensors for standard and Hi-Temp applications and the BinMaster Inventory Management software that works with these sensor types for effective inventory management. Endress+Hauser Inventory Management application in combination with its point and continuous E+H Level Measurement sensors cater to a wide range of industries and applications for tanks holding solids and liquid contents.

You may check out these suppliers and their offerings by following the above links and should you have questions please write to us. We would also like to receive your feedback and experiences with similar solutions you might have applied in your organization.

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