Five Aspects of Smart Homes and How to Convert

Traditionally Smart-Homes have been the domain of high-end residences because it involved planning and installation at the construction stage. Secondly, a Smart-Home solution required a significant financial investment too. Fortunately that is not the case any longer thanks to the new generation devices most of which can be installed without need for changes to the wiring. We would recommend a solution that functions with a Smart-Home hub so that users can manage their entire home from a single App in their mobile device as opposed to Wi-Fi devices that invariably require separate App for each device. The benefits of a Smart-Home solution can be grouped under four categories such as Ambience, Health & Comfort, Safety & Security and Energy Saving.

AMBIENCE: Creating the right ambience by choosing appropriate color and brightness enhances the mood and transforms our home to a pleasurable place. Plain On/Off control can be accomplished using smart sockets and smart switches. The lights can also be programmed to turn On or Off at a particular time, when all the occupants leave the house for example or exterior lights can be set to go on at sunset. By using dimmable LED lamps the brightness can be adjusted to suit your mood. Installing RGBW lamps and RGBW strip lights gives the choice for infinite color combinations. 

HEALTH & COMFORT: Similar to lights, appliances such as coffee machine, washers, bath water heaters could also be controlled or programmed using Smart Sockets and Smart Switches. Air quality is a key factor that determines our long term health. Sensors that monitor humidity, particulate matter and CO2 can be installed at strategic locations for monitoring air quality. Based on the parameters on realtime basis you could open the windows to allow some fresh air to adjust CO2 levels or turn on the Humidifier to manage humidity when interior air gets too dry. Particulate Matter sensor helps in monitoring dust content in the air to protect family members who may have developed dust sensitivity.

SAFETY & SECURITY: No place can be called home unless it is safe and secure for everyone in the family. Our home needs to be protected against intrusion and break-ins. Presence Sensors or Motion Sensors installed at appropriate locations can be set up to send notifications when movement is detected when the occupants are away. Door-Window sensors indicate open and close conditions of doors and windows. Noise sensors in rooms are used to detect breakage of glass by intruders; Shock sensors installed on glass windows also serve the same purpose. Motion sensors and Door-Window sensors can also be used for turning On/Off of lights, air-conditioning. 

Our homes can be made safe from fire by installing smoke detectors and adding them to the Smart-Home hub to receive notifications on the mobile App and sound the local alarm in case of a fire. Sensors for CO2 are also effective in fire prevention; can be set to sound an alarm in case of a smoldering fire. Flood sensors installed in places where there is possibility of water leakages prevent flooding incidents in homes, offices.

ENERGY SAVING: Energy bills are rising and conserving energy is always a responsible thing to do. With a Smart-Home system in place this can be done  without a sweat. Household energy consumption is broken down into three major demand area viz., air-conditioning, lighting and appliances. Of these, ACs are known to consume more than 65%. Of course, this varies depending on which part of the world you call home. Use of LED lamps and setting up automated routines to control On/Off of lights and appliances and ACs in itself would reduce wasteful energy usage. For control of ACs, there are a range of Smart-Thermostats and Infra-Red controllers (for wall mounted Split units) to choose from that can be added to the Smart-Home Hub and remotely controlled or programmed. 

VOICE CONTROL: Interfacing the Smart-Home hub with either Google Home or Amazon Echo adds the possibility of voice control of all connected lights and appliances. This raises the comfort to a whole new level. Particularly the elderly, differently-abled and not so tech-savvy can harness the benefits of a Smart-Home without having to grope with mobile devices.

These Smart-Home solutions are perfectly scalable. One can make a start with a hub plus few devices and add more later. Rather than making a huge financial outlay right at the start, an user can invest in phases as comfort level rises. We encourage you to explore further and if you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us. We would also like to hear your feedback and experiences with Smart-Home solutions and devices.

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