How to Protect Your Home & Office

With the prolific rise in the use of electrical devices and appliances at homes and offices, the threat of a fire accident looms large. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) attributes 10.1% of all deaths due to residential fires in 2013 in the US to an electrical malfunction. Many of the devices and appliances are left connected continuously to the power supply and left un-monitored most of the time. Under faulty conditions or overloading, there is a high possibility of overheating or sparks leading to a fire. 

Fires cause serious burns and can lead to death. Besides, homes and offices alike are filled with synthetics in the form of curtains, carpets, furnishings. Even in a smoldering fire, such materials generate noxious fumes that can cause asphyxiation and death. It is common knowledge that the first few minutes of a fire incident is crucial; if the right action is taken within those first few minutes a major fire can be averted. Installing a well designed smart-home system can facilitate this by sounding an alarm. Besides, it can also be set up to send notifications to the mobile device. Even if the occupants are away this will help in taking suitable action. 

The unused loads can be switched off even from a remote location by using smart sockets or smart switches for controlling lamps and appliances. The Smart-home system can be programmed to turn them ON and OFF at a particular time or when, for example, the occupants leave home. Using Smoke detectors, CO2 sensors linked to the Smart-Home system can be set up to send notifications to the occupant’s mobile device while simultaneously sound the alarm locally initiating a response. 

The same automation hub used to control lights, AC thermostat, monitor humidity, and particulate matter can be utilized for fire protection as well. If there is no Smart-home system installed currently perhaps it is time for investing in one considering the devastation and loss of life a fire can cause. The sensors are generally battery-powered, wireless and therefore easy to install without any wiring changes. There is no major maintenance effort involved either other than changing the Lithium-ion batteries which anyway last more than a year.

Check out our other posts on how you could have a Smart-Home set up without investing a fortune. Get in touch with us if you need additional information on smart home solutions and your feedback on the Smart-home devices you may have used.

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